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The power cushion positive deployment. The 4E mid cut model that is kind to a foot with a full-scale power cushion.

Product Description

Colour :
Upper :
Double Russel Mesh
Sole :
4E, Middle cut
Association of badminton official approval pass article in Japan.
Power cushion +

I add special resin with the elasticity in "a power cushion". The conventional lightness realizes high shock absorbency while keeping it. I located the ditch of + model at the most suitable interval and depth into a lattice form and achieved further repulsion characteristics.

Power cushion

The light power cushion which is hard to be worn-out 4m bounces back without being broken even if I drop a raw egg from an altitude of 7m! Shock power of absorption and the repulsion that were demonstrated The lightweight shock absorbent that Yonex developed the power cushion originally. I rebel to absorb a shock. In other words, I convert the energy into the next footwork while moderating a shock to receive at the time of a landing.

Full cushion sole +S

The power cushion which has repulsion and full cushion sole +S (S = stability: stability) shock power of absorption is equipped with to the whole mid sole. I reduce load to depend on an ankle and a knee and realize more comfortable cushion characteristics.

Round sole

Keep roundness in the inside and the heel part of the out sole circumference and I kick it with a natural landing and reduce power loss in the soup stock and realize footwork smooth quickly.

Toe assist shape

I control the gap of the foot in shoes by I assume the feeling of pressure of the thumb the tiptoe design that dissolved and raising a middle foot part and support characteristics of the heel region and realize the quick footwork that there is not of the power loss.

Reflection Upper

The new upper design that let an instep part curve, and did the inside and outside unsymmetrically. I reduce partial concentration of the pressure and produce upper fitting characteristics wrapping up altogether.

Hyper feather light

The mid sole material which there are few light weight and transformation, and maintains initial performance for a long time.

Synchronized fitting insole

Conventionally, I launch the heel part side from a middle foot part and I raise a sense of unity with the foot and rise heel region ahead and control the gap of the foot in shoes, and a fitting feeling improves more.

Power carbon

The structure that put a carbon plate on a middle foot part to raise lightweighting and landing stability.

Skin Lights

I realize fitting characteristics and lightness in P.U. material "Skin Lights" having both elasticity such as the rubber and toughness such as the hard plastic.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 November, 2018.
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