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Upper Material: Microfiber synthetic leathers and performance, breathable mesh textiles
Sole Material: Outsole: high traction & durability gum rubber/ Midsole: light weight, low profile phylon cushion/ TPU

360-degree ventilation structure, large mesh on the uppers, combined with the grid on the bottom to form the full flow of breathable air, improve athletic comfort.

Located at the front and mid sole to harnesses the foots´ energy and amplify the power through to the floor, decreases fatigue and offers comfort and propulsion.

Carbon Fiber Plate for lightweight durability in the sole unit, adds spring on takeoff, with strength and support on landing.

High impact cushioned sole offers comfort and protection from impact injuries to the heel and ball of the foot while landing.

High Impact Insert placed in the sole for increased comfort, support and greater durability and reduced of the injury risk.

An anti-torque bar adds stability to the foot by reducing the amount of twist around the bridge of the foot.

Lightweight TuffEVA with high flexibility for the midsole, which increase Compression resistance up to 20-30% than the ordinary EVA, significantly extends the life of the buffer suspension.

X-Form of upper TPU structure reflects the property of Li Ning Product family.

Ultra-resistant synthetic rubber material improved the wear resistance more than 5 times than the ordinary rubber.

: Re-inforced, multilayered mid sole for minimizing twists and keeping the foot inline to keep on track and focused.
REBOUND sole: Cushioned sole for increased comfort.
TPU & Mesh: Durable polyurethane material and breathable mesh keep the foot cool and dry.


฿490.00 THB
฿330.00 THB
฿1,600.00 THB
฿1,280.00 THB